Busy Summer

I’ve spent a total of 8 days at home since the start of July, which is unlike me but a good thing I suppose. I spent two weeks in Spain and then two weeks sailing around Scotland for sail training (lot’s of love at Sail Training Ireland). Next week I’m doing a Cloud Computing camp just because I can and I have an audition for a theatre youth group coming up. Despite being an introvert being surrounded by people makes me happy.  I’m still on a half dose of fluoxetine, taking tablets on alternate days, but I’ve had no major relapses so keeping busy seems to be working for me. 

In other news I’ve decided to defer any university offers I get from CAO until next year. I was really set on going in September but I’m only 17 and it would be more fun if I’m 18. I’ve got nothing to lose and can’t wait to start my final year at college. I got Distinction*Distinction* in my BTEC (the top grade) and I’m feeling positive about the AS Level results next week. 

So yeah, my goal for the summer is just to keep busy. Things are good right now.


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