Eurovision 2017

Another year’s Eurovision has came and gone and what a night it has been. I was hoping for Italy to win initially  but now I am glad that Portugal have won, breaking their Eurovision curse.

Italy brought me simple childish joy, I mean who didn’t want to get out of their chairs and dance with the gorilla? I had two pound each way on Occidentali’s Karma but of course, it was Portugal’s night. Salvador Sobral’s song, composed by his sister Luisa, was pure art, just beautiful. 

Considering that the poor fella isn’t well I think that he lived life to the fullest tonight. When he was brought up to the main stage after winning he seemed so unfazed, until he said just within range of the hosts’ microphones “I want my sister”. I may have started balling my eyes out.

All that’s left to say is congratulations to Salvador Sobral and perhaps I will see you in Lisbon next year!


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