If it makes anyone feel better, I haven’t opened a book

Exam season is upon us along with exam weather, and I haven’t done any revision. Zero. Nought. Nada. Should this worry me? Yes. Does it? No.

At the time this post is published I will have exactly seven days until my first AS Spanish exam. I want an A, but I’ll settle for a B. This time last year I thought that Bs were for idiots and that if you got a C you may as well have failed. Then I got three Bs and a C in my GCSE results, which I deserved for being so stuck up about getting As and A*s.  It probably also helps that the teachers I have now don’t believe I will spontaneously combust if I don’t get a top grade.

My Spanish teacher is a dear for putting up with me and regularly telling me to calm down. I generally do not cope well around exam time but she has helped me to stay level headed and for that she is a star. On the other hand I also need a good kick up the backside to start revising, so I guess I’m putting myself on lock down until I finish my exams.

Earlier on I was honestly considering skipping class on Tuesday to watch the first semifinal of the Eurovision but as I’m writing this I think I’m starting to get my priorities back in order. I suppose I can stream it on my phone and listen to it while working. For the record, I’ve placed bets on Switzerland, Italy, Sweden and Portugal which I’ve never actually done before. Who knows, maybe this post will pinpoint the beginning of my spiral into gambling addiction.

Tell me what you’re all up to and who you’re supporting in the Eurovision this year. And of course good luck for your exams!


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