Body Confidence 

Body confidence is something that I generally lack. As a child I was bullied for being fat, and looking back on pictures I wasn’t really. A boy in my primary school class told me that I was diabetic because I was fat and at the time I did not have the confidence or understanding to defend myself. I hardly ate for a week after that, and became convinced that if I could be skinny – I wouldn’t be diabetic anymore. Of course, that’s not how type 1 diabetes works and I realised that as I got older but the body confidence issue has always stayed with me to a certain degree. It has always affected how I dress myself – I generally stick to skirts/dresses as I really dislike my chubby legs and knock knees – but today I managed to convince myself to buy skinny jeans and I honestly believe that they are the first proper fitting pair of skinny jeans that I have ever owned. Even though they’re from Primark and they are too long, I couldn’t be happier with them. I might have to shorten them with hemming tape but that’s the penalty of buying cheap clothes. The jeans are cosy and warm and I can’t complain. Maybe I do have a little body confidence.


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