Drowning in coursework 

Assignment, after assignment, after assignment. The minute that I submit one, another one is published. And of course my AS in Spanish is creeping closer and closer. I glad that it’s the easter holidays now, since I really need a rest but I know that the sensible thing to do is to plough through the worst of my coursework so I can focus on my rapidly approaching Spanish exams. 

Compared to this time last year, I don’t have that same sense of sheer panic – like the walls are closing in on me. Being at college allows me a lot more spare time. At my old school, I arrived just after 8am and stayed at the library after school until 6pm almost every day. I probably spent around 48 hours there every week whereas even accounting for time spent in the library I only spend 25 hours at college nowadays.

I realise that the majority of my posts revolve around college life but that is my life and it makes me happy.


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