Belfast Calling?

When I was eight years old, I decided that the year that I turned 18 I would go the Eurovision. That year will be next year and I am so excited. I’ve told my mum and dad that my savings are for a wee car but really they have always been for travelling purposes. Since I was 14 I have squirelled away money at birthdays, Christmas and any other occasion into a savings account; making it financially viable for me to go and see the Eurovision wherever it takes place in 2018.

But that raises a major issue: whee will it be held in 2018? Living in Northern Ireland I identify with both Ireland and, to a certain extent the, UK. Seeing the drivel that Ireland is sending this year I can certainly say that it won’t be taking place south of the border, but the UK’s entry is decent and dare I say pretty good actually. Maybe, just maybe, the UK will win and that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be hosted in London. The UK has also hosted it in Brighton, Edinburgh, Harrogate and Birmingham. If it has been hosted in Scotland and smaller cities in England, maybe Belfast could be an option. We successfully hosted the MTV EMAs in 2011 and other international events in recent years, and we have the concert arena and hundreds of hotel rooms. It’s a tiny possibility, but it could work…

Okay, the above is only a small portion of the mental gymnastics that it took for me to come to that conclusion. This post was inspired by a dream I had last year in the run up to the Eurovision in which Belfast hosted it. I mean, part of the appeal of going to the Eurovision for me is the travelling but if that only meant getting a two hour train to Dublin or an hour flight to London, two cities which I already know,  I’d be disappointed. So I guess if either Ireland or the UK won this year I’d be pretty upset, but in the future I’d be blessed to have the Eurovision so close to home.

I’ll probably never hear the words “Belfast calling” on live TV but my small bit of city pride likes to imagine it. Next year I’ll go to the Eurovision and fulfil a lifelong dream and I cannot wait!


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