Diabetic Clinic 

I was a big girl today. I went to the adults diabetic clinic for the first time today. I even managed not to pass out when getting bloods done, although the nurse let me lie down and didn’t make a fuss over finding a vein which helped a lot.

I was seriously impressed by the nurses, but the doctor had me in and out in less than five minutes and told me to go private  (?!) when I asked to be referred to a Podiatrist. I wouldn’t even know where to start when it comes to going outside the NHS. How much does it cost? So yeah, I wasn’t impressed by that.

I have more input into my treatment options now and manged to get the doctor to prescribe my Toujeo instead of Lantus (types of long-acting insulin) which gives me hypos almost every night and messes up my sleep schedule. As well we discussed the new technologies for diabetics. The NHS still refuses to fund continously glucose monitors (despite the evidence that they help with blood sugar control) which is the latest advancement. In the not so distant future we may be able to test our blood by shining a laser through our fingers, but I don’t see the NHS funding that when the same results can be achieved from drops of blood.

It feels a bit strange to be treated as an adult when I feel no more mature than I did a year ago but this is all part and parcel of turning 16. 


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