Meeting Your YouTube Idol: It isn’t what you’d think.

There is a YouTuber that I have admired since I was nine years old when she started her channel. Recently she moved back to Northern Ireland with her family and since then I have seen her in passing twice. Northern Ireland isn’t a very big place so I knew that there was always a possibility that I would bump into her and I always visualised what would happen: I’d say hello, tell her that I’m a big fan of her videos and we’d smile at each other and then both go on our ways. 

The first time I saw her, she was with her husband and they both looked miserable. Probably just a resting bitch face or something but I surprised me considering what a happy and outgoing person she seems to be in her vlogs. I smiled but they never saw me. The second time I saw her and seeing that she was busy I refrained from distracting her. 

I’m not annoyed or upset at all about this, if anything it taught an important lesson: don’t expect people that you see on the screen to be the same in person. It was just a bit strange for me since I watched this person since I was a child, watching as she started a family and took on ambitious projects. In a way I considered her to be my friend, but of course she doesn’t even know that I exist. 

I’ve chosen not to name the YouTuber since I’m worried that this comes across as negative nor do I want to invade her privacy. This experience drove home for me that the people that I admire have their own struggles and have to take on the unglamorous tasks e.g. shopping like the rest of us.


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