Today, well I suppose it’s yesterday now, was just one of those days that didn’t go to plan. I had all of these lovely plans which I had meticulously scheduled but of course I just didn’t happen.

It all began to fall apart in the AM as I slept in until midday despite planning to get up at 10 and have a healthy breakfast before tidying up the living room before my grandad arrived. I ended up having three chocolate digestives and never got to clean up. My grandad arrived as planned but he was ill, therefore my parents had to drive him two hours to the hospital where he lives and spend the rest of the day there, leaving me home alone without any money or mode of transport. Don’t get me wrong though – there was plenty of food in the house and I had my savings in case of emergency. However this effectively ruined my plans for the rest of the day which consisted of:

  • Buying a pair of dance shoes
  • Buying a new RAM chip for my parents’ computer 
  • and going to a Spanish conversation class

I don’t need parental supervision to do any of these things but I needed transport which meant that I needed to have money for bus fare or a parent around to give me a lift. 

So with all my plans put on hold I was left twiddling my thumbs. Normally I have no issue entertaining myself when I’m home alone but I couldn’t find anything remotely interesting to do. This led to me doing laundry, cleaning dust out of the PC and making dinner for my brother and I (if oven chips and sausage rolls really count). I’m so bad at keeping track of the days that I didn’t remember until midnight that I had TV programmes that I had recorded to watch. I watched the BBC news channel all day instead for God’s sake.

I know this all comes off as very shallow but I was thinking of my grandad all day and was constantly texting my parents. There just wasn’t much that I could do from 200km away which made me feel awful redundant and anxious. I’m just glad that he’s most likely going to be okay.


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