Midnight Blogging/Rambling Thoughts

It seems to be a theme for me as I have no day time creativity. Nothing comes to mind as I sit at a laptop in the day time but I can tap away on my smartphone until I fall asleep. They say you shouldn’t use your phone before going to sleep but it’s almost a ritual for me. I don’t like having the phone screen glare at me in the morning but at night I catch up with everything. I mean, I have to use a screen filter app (I seriously recommend Twilight for android users) and wear my glasses so I don’t hurt my eyes but it’s not the end of the world.

In the morning I’m very sluggish, more so recently since I had to use liquid fluoxetine since I couldn’t get the tablets from the doctors. I think that the liquid stuff must hit my system quicker because I feel like crap when I take it. The liquid stuff tastes horrible, probably as an attempt to stop people like me from overdosing but in reality it just makes me avoid taking it. So yeah, I have two choices: take it and be a zombie or not take it and be a miserable dick all day long. 

I’m going to try eating a bit better this week, I’ve already decided that I’m having pizza for dinner tomorrow  (sorry Mum) but I’m planning on having a Smoothie for breakfast and a salad with a side of lightly salted Popcorn for lunch so it balances itself out, right? 

As well, this is the last week of the first semester. As my mum remarked earlier while we were out for lunch, it sounds very university-like. All my assignments are finished and I’ve got distinctions in everything (except for computer systems, but we don’t talk about that) so it’s very relaxed at the minute. I don’t have to come in until eleven tomorrow and have Thursday off as a result. I was told earlier that I’m off school more often than not which I can’t argue with. 

Next semester I will study event-driven programming, computer animation, computer marketing and spreadsheet modelling alongside finishing off the website production module.

This was a really boring post, just like me. But that’s okay, you shouldn’t blog for the sake of others but for yourself and I’ve learnt to treat it almost like a diary – write as though nobody is reading.  


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