Back in October I started an annual gym membership. I was only after recovering from a sprained ankle and for that reason was seriously unfit. I thought that, given my previous experience in gyms, it would be fairly easy to get back into the routine of weight-lifting. Uh-huh, nope. Nothing is ever that simple with me. You see the gym that I joined didn’t have all the machines and equipment that the other gym did, forcing me to focus on cardio more than weightlifting. I hate cardio. I had a go at working more cardio into my routine but the treadmill gives me electric shocks, rowing machines hurt my dodgy knee and people don’t clean their sweat off the exercise bikes.

So instead I tried to take long walks with the dog or a friend. Not so hard, right? Of course not! A friend and I walked up Black Mountain and nearly got blown off the top by gale force wind and somewhere along the gravel path/mud track I stepped in a puddle which soaked through my trainers and caused them to rub up against my ankles making them bleed. By the time I got home I couldn’t feel my face as it had gone numb and my trainers were drenched in a mixture of muck, rainwater and blood. The view was nice though, but I think I’ll just try the elliptical instead…



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