Trump isn’t mentally ill, he’s  just an asshole

Today the Independent claimed that Trump is showing signs of a mental illness. In the article it claimed that he is sadistic, narcissistic, antisocial and aggressive. I totally agree with that, but suggesting that those traits are what a mentally ill person has just demonises people like me who have a mental illness but manage not to unapologetically discriminate against members of society. 

Perhaps he does have a mental illness but that’s his business and it wouldn’t make him unfit to be a president. No, it’s the lack of political experience and knowledge that makes him unfit 



Brunch seems to be an integral part of my days now. I rarely have any 7am starts so it makes more sense to lump breakfast and lunch together to eat while watching the news. (As a side note, while I have a lot of respect for Jeremy Corbyn, Labour should really apologise for his statement that a police officer in Belfast had been killed despite the fact that he is recovering in hostpital (update: his spokesperson made a statement, I take it back))


Pizza and pineapple

I mean, it’s not that healthy but it will keep me full until dinner. Also, not pictured is the hot water with lemon and maple syrup (we had no honey) since I’ve been feeling awfully congested. I prefer slow brunches to rushed breakfasts and prepacked lunches. 

Heel Hangover

I was at a friend’s 18th last night, a proper party in a bar which I was so excited for. I got all dressed up, did my makeup, put on falsies and straightened my hair. But the shoes nearly killed me. No it wasn’t because I had too much alcohol or because I was standing out in the cold too long while waiting for a taxi – it was because of those stupid high heels. When leaving I had to go down a flight of stairs and I was clinging on to the railing for dear life. I honestly wish that I didn’t have any feet right now because then maybe I wouldn’t be in so much pain. Even my back hurts because of how heels change your posture. It’s the price of fashion, amirite?

Despite all my whinging it was a great night which I really needed. And I got served 😊 …

Midnight Blogging/Rambling Thoughts

It seems to be a theme for me as I have no day time creativity. Nothing comes to mind as I sit at a laptop in the day time but I can tap away on my smartphone until I fall asleep. They say you shouldn’t use your phone before going to sleep but it’s almost a ritual for me. I don’t like having the phone screen glare at me in the morning but at night I catch up with everything. I mean, I have to use a screen filter app (I seriously recommend Twilight for android users) and wear my glasses so I don’t hurt my eyes but it’s not the end of the world.

In the morning I’m very sluggish, more so recently since I had to use liquid fluoxetine since I couldn’t get the tablets from the doctors. I think that the liquid stuff must hit my system quicker because I feel like crap when I take it. The liquid stuff tastes horrible, probably as an attempt to stop people like me from overdosing but in reality it just makes me avoid taking it. So yeah, I have two choices: take it and be a zombie or not take it and be a miserable dick all day long. 

I’m going to try eating a bit better this week, I’ve already decided that I’m having pizza for dinner tomorrow  (sorry Mum) but I’m planning on having a Smoothie for breakfast and a salad with a side of lightly salted Popcorn for lunch so it balances itself out, right? 

As well, this is the last week of the first semester. As my mum remarked earlier while we were out for lunch, it sounds very university-like. All my assignments are finished and I’ve got distinctions in everything (except for computer systems, but we don’t talk about that) so it’s very relaxed at the minute. I don’t have to come in until eleven tomorrow and have Thursday off as a result. I was told earlier that I’m off school more often than not which I can’t argue with. 

Next semester I will study event-driven programming, computer animation, computer marketing and spreadsheet modelling alongside finishing off the website production module.

This was a really boring post, just like me. But that’s okay, you shouldn’t blog for the sake of others but for yourself and I’ve learnt to treat it almost like a diary – write as though nobody is reading.  


Back in October I started an annual gym membership. I was only after recovering from a sprained ankle and for that reason was seriously unfit. I thought that, given my previous experience in gyms, it would be fairly easy to get back into the routine of weight-lifting. Uh-huh, nope. Nothing is ever that simple with me. You see the gym that I joined didn’t have all the machines and equipment that the other gym did, forcing me to focus on cardio more than weightlifting. I hate cardio. I had a go at working more cardio into my routine but the treadmill gives me electric shocks, rowing machines hurt my dodgy knee and people don’t clean their sweat off the exercise bikes.

So instead I tried to take long walks with the dog or a friend. Not so hard, right? Of course not! A friend and I walked up Black Mountain and nearly got blown off the top by gale force wind and somewhere along the gravel path/mud track I stepped in a puddle which soaked through my trainers and caused them to rub up against my ankles making them bleed. By the time I got home I couldn’t feel my face as it had gone numb and my trainers were drenched in a mixture of muck, rainwater and blood. The view was nice though, but I think I’ll just try the elliptical instead…


Back to School

Well, not school but college – ‘back to college’ doesn’t really have the same ring to it. Anyway I start back tomorrow and I’m actually relieved, well a little bit worried about getting my sleep cycle on track but other than that… I can’t wait for actual human interaction, my family have a tendency to never be in the same room as me and there is nobody my age that lives in my street. 

I’ve talked to only two other people in my age group since mid-December and it’s driving me crazy. Getting people to go out and do things with me is hell. Everyone always have something on or flake at the last minute which is infuriating. I won’t go into details but I also had to watch one day as a group of friends all went to town and spent the whole day posting on social media. I feel like I should’ve been invited considering that I’m in the same group chat and see them every week. I’m probably just over thinking it but considering that they organised it outside the group chat and never bothered to send me a message or anything just doesn’t sit well with me. 

I don’t experience the dread that used to come with going back to school anymore and for that I am so thankful. I just want to put my head down and get on with the BTEC/A Level that I’m doing. Hopefully I’ll also get some time to focus on this blog a bit more too. I replaced the hard drive in my 4 year old laptop with an SSD and it feels like new so I can now use it to edit my blog. It’s a bit dull, don’t you think?

Should I Apply to Uni Early?

The title says it all really. I will have enough CAO points by the end of this year to get into the institute of technology that I want to go… But would I really be ready to move to the other end of the country at the age of 17? On one hand I’d be getting a head start on my future, on the other I wouldn’t be able to finish the course that I’m doing at the minute which I really enjoy. But for all I know I might enjoy the BSc Software Development more. There’s so many ifs and buts that I’ve been trying to put this decision off for quite a while but the deadline is the first of February so there’s only 30 days left for me to apply. If anyone had any inspiring words of advice, feel free to send them my way.