2016 in Review 

If I’m completely selfish and ignore all of the political instability and celebrity deaths in 2016, I don’t really know how I would describe it. I suppose that there were highs and lows but it was a pretty big year for me nonetheless: I turned 16, got my GCSEs and got my eyebrows threaded for the first time (life-changing).

The first half was pretty shit for me, between a death in the family and GCSEs it felt like I couldn’t breath but after June things began to look up. I went on a voyage funded by the Atlantic Youth Trust which was a surreal experience (in a good way!) . I started college, was cast in a show and made some amazing friends. I don’t feel so lonely these days and I know how incrediby lucky I am to have met everyone in 2016! I could think all day about the bad things that happened but there’s no need for that type of negativity.

Hopefully thing will continue to go up in 2017 and I wish everyone happiness in the new year 


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