I was cast in a production of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe recently – my first show! When I was 13 I decided that I was going to be an actress; not a famous movie actress who went to red-carpet events, but the one who captivated audiences while on stage.

I gave up on that dream when I was 14. I had recently joined a drama school and despite loving every minute I suddenly realised that there was no way that I could ever compete with the talent, skills and beauty of these aspiring actors – I was just plain Eve. I chose a “sensible” career path from then on – ICT. Don’t get me wrong, I’m good at ICT but the soul just isn’t there.

Despite that I’ll always take solace in the art of acting as I can just leave all my problems behind and put my heart into playing a character. It’s tough at times, no doubt about it, but I’m extremely lucky to have the opportunity to act

This was the fourth show that I’ve auditioned for. Two rejections and another that I couldn’t take part in due to high fees (£350 to take part in a show?!) later I’m actually in a show. It just doesn’t seem real yet.


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