A Few Things About Me

I’ve never really introduced myself on this blog nor have I established a theme or a schedule so I thought that I would let you all into my life

  1. I’m type 1 diabetic, I was diagnosed at six
  2. I like kpop (EXID mainly) which is a tad cringy but it is a lot easier to be a fan of than western music due to the more frequent releases and fan interaction.
  3. I study ICT and I enjoy it, I just wish that there were more girls in IT because programming is the language of the future and if women don’t learn it we’ll lose all the equality that we have fought for
  4. I am a native English speaker, have learnt French in the past and I am currently studying Spanish. I would really love to learn Irish and Korean in the future.
  5. This is my sixth blog, the previous five didn’t work out for various reasons but this is my corner of the Internet for now.

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